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Secured Financial System

Daily profit
From 2.5% to 3.5%
Referral program
up to 11%
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How to make a deposit?

“More than a month of successful work”

Public Relations Chief, Margaret Wade

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We have specially developed a presentation of the company and translated it into the most popular languages, so you can share it with your partners, and clearly show them what the benefits of the company are.

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What are we doing?

Pulsar Bank is a financial fund founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts and traders, which works according to the crowdfunding model. Thanks to transactions in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market, the fund has taken a leading position and reached stable profit.

Our team has an extensive staff of analysts and traders who specialize in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to daily monitoring and analysis, our team daily closes 8 out of 10 transactions profitably. Since we have reached a constant profit, and have adjusted all the processes, we are ready to offer the opportunity to invest in our company. With us, you should not worry about profit, since your funds are in the safe hands of a professional team.

Officially registered company
Our company has been officially registered in London, UK, with company number No. 13215120

What is our investment offer?

Our team has developed special investment offers that are suitable for all categories of investors.

Plan details
Deposit term: Unlimited
Min. deposit: 20$
Max. deposit: 999$
Profit: 7 days of week
Principal: Included in profit
Your deposit
All our investors are available to invest in different plans and earn from 2.5% to 3.5% daily.
365 days
Once investor made a deposit, the profit will be accrued every day for unlimited period.
Fast withdrawals
Usually we perform withdrawals during 1-3 hours from request. Maximal time can be 48 hours.
Professional team
We have a professional and long time experienced team of developers
Security level
We use most powerful tools to avoid any modern attacks.
Reasonable approach
Reasonable distribution of investments, gives stable profit to investors.

Why is it safe to invest with us?

We have developed an ideal, fully protected system, you can be sure that your funds are safe.

DDOS protection
We are protected from all types of DDoS attacks. Therefore, you can always access the site.
Data encryption
Your data is protected and cannot be transferred to third parties.
Database backup
We constantly backup databases, therefore all information about our investors is protected.
Dedicated server
We have a dedicated server, this provides additional protection and reliability.
Hacking protection
We are fully protected from viruses, hacking and any other actions by malicious users.
Traffic of our site is encrypted my SSL certificate.

What payment solutions do we use?

Popular payments systems
We use only reliable and time-tested, fiat and cryptocurrency payment systems.
Secure payments
All our payments are encrypted, so you can not worry about the security of your funds.
Withdraw funds
Withdraw your funds quickly and easily, just by making a few clicks.

Get Pulsar Bank mobile app

We have developed a mobile application to make it easier for you to use the platform.