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Terms & conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. Only the individuals who have reached the age of majority at the time of registration in accordance with their national legislation are allowed to work with the Pulsar Platform company.

1.2. Any investment decisions, as well as any other actions related to the cooperation with the company, are made by the clients voluntarily, consciously and responsibly.

2. Rights and obligations of the Company

2.1. The Pulsar Platform LTD company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has the right to:

  • refuse the provision of services to the Client if there are reasonable assumptions about / strong evidence of the financial or reputational damage inflicted on the Company. In order to cover such losses, the Company has the right to confiscate the Client’s funds and, in some cases, the prosecution may be initiated;
  • block a Client account in case of fraudulent behavior, violation of these Terms, as well as as a result of a request from law enforcement agencies;
  • make changes and/or additions to this Terms, change the conditions of investment plans, as well as the provisions of other sections of the site without prior notice to Clients.

2.2. The Company undertakes:

  • to take care of the site’s performance and promptly eliminate any technical and software issues;
  • to pay dividends in full and in a timely manner, as specified in the investment plans;
  • provide Client with an unhindered access to any sections of the site required for investment activities.

3. Rights and obligations of the Client

3.1. The Client has the right to:

  • use the tools provided by this online resource in order to carry out investment activities and to receive dividends in accordance with the respective conditions;
  • deposit money into their account in the amount that allows them to purchase one of the investment packages, but does not exceed the personal financial capabilities of the Client;
  • independently manage their capital by depositing and withdrawing funds received as a result of investments or participating in the affiliate program, as well as perform reinvestments in order to achieve the desired level of income.

3.2. The Client undertakes to:

  • abide by these Terms;
  • invest only the funds obtained by legal means;
  • register not more than one account per one IP-address;
  • not use their own referral link to create multiaccounts;
  • not use this website for fraud and malicious activities.

4. Funds deposition and withdrawal

4.1. To replenish the deposit, it is necessary to transfer the desired amount from one of the available electronic wallets (or a bank card) to the personal account of the Client.

4.2. Funds are credited instantly and are not subject to any fees, however, a fee may be charged for depositing and withdrawing funds from an electronic wallet, if this required by the relevant services, or additionally indicated when creating an application for depositing or withdrawing funds.

4.3. Responsibility for incorrectly specified payment details and, accordingly, for the transactions performed with these details, is borne by the Client. The company does not indemnify for the incorrect indication of payment details.

5. Affiliate program

5.1. Each Client has the right to participate in an affiliate program and receive a unique referral link in order to use it to attract new participants.

5.2. The amount of affiliate remuneration is determined based on the size of deposits of invited participants, and is not restricted in any way.

5.3. The remuneration is credited to the Client’s account immediately after the deposit replenishment by his referrals. The received remuneration can be withdrawn to the Client’s e-wallet or used for investment activities.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. Registration on this site means automatic consent to the transfer, processing and storage of your personal data.

6.2. Client’s personal data is used solely to improve the operation of the site, collect statistical data, and improve interaction with the Clients.

6.3. To protect personal and confidential data, the Company uses the SSL protocol, which provides encryption of all received information, as well as the seals of trust provided by serious international companies. However, the Client is obliged to take measures to protect their own deposit, for which it is recommended to specify a strong password and ensure its safety from falling into third parties. Also, it is recommended to use additional methods of account protection specified in the "Settings" section of personal accounts.

7. AML and KYC Policy

As part of its activities and in accordance with the rules of work in international financial markets, the Company is obliged to apply AML and KYC policies to its Clients.

AML policy includes combating money laundering and combating the financing of terrorist organizations. As part of this policy, the Company is taking all legal means to prevent such unlawful actions and encourages Clients to comply with international laws in this area.

KYC policy is designed to create transparent conditions for cooperation. Within the provisions of this policy, the Company undertakes to fulfill the requirements of financial institutions to identify the Client. In this regard, the Client undertakes to provide supporting documents, if circumstances so require. In addition to a passport or identity card, the Company has the right to require other documents to identify the Client that has caused suspicion of the relevant authorities or employees of the Company.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Since the Company business is based on the international law, which includes adhering to the rules applicable in international payment systems, the Client should be aware that in exceptional cases they can cancel and contest payments. This procedure is applicable to all types of bank cards and is available within 120 days after the transaction.

The reasons for applying this policy may include: funds withdrawal from the account without authorization, double debiting of the amount from the account, failure to provide the declared service, etc. To undergo this procedure, you must provide evidence of violations, as well as provide a written a statement to the international payment system with a request to contest this transaction.

Such policy can also be applied to the Client if he admits a violation of the rules for using international payment systems or a violation of other legal norms applicable in this situation.

9. Risk Disclosure

The company is obliged to notify the Client of the risks that accompany investment activities. The Client should be well aware that any investment is a risky business and, despite all the measures taken by the Company, including technical, organizational and programmatic measures, they can lead to loss of invested funds. In addition, the impact of force majeure, which can also lead to losses of the Company and its Clients, is not excluded.

In this regard, the Company recalls that for investment purposes only available funds can be used, the loss of which will not worsen your current financial situation. In no case is it recommended to use credit or borrowed funds for investments, the loss of which will lead to unpredictable negative consequences.

Do not give up investment activities, just learn to engage in it consciously, with a complete understanding of the goals, opportunities, tools and strategies that are at your disposal to increase the level of profit. At the same time, you need to carefully evaluate your own financial situation and abandon investments if they may have a negative effect on the state of your affairs.

10. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes, claims and other conflict situations that have arisen should be resolved during the negotiation process. This will allow to find a compromise solution that suits both parties. However, if this way did not lead to the agreement of the conflicting parties, the resolution of the situation can be transferred to law enforcement or judicial authorities, and the legislation of one of the countries to which the conflicting parties belong (at the Company`s option) will be chosen.